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Daniel Leeman, LCSW

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Daniel Leeman attended Valparaiso University studying Psychology and Criminology and later went on to attain a Masters in Social Work. Daniel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has experience working with at-risk children, adults, parents, and families in an inpatient and outpatient setting. An effective therapist, Daniel can help with anxiety, depression, family issues, post-traumatic stress, and schizophrenia. Like Lena, Daniel has worked with adults in a forensic setting, Fulton State Hospital, and has a special knowledge of the Criminal Justice System. Daniel wishes to understand his client’s story and with them, come to a deep understanding of experiences, emotions, relationships, spirituality, and the sometimes irrational mind; the goal being to reach peace, harmony, and to attain the fullest potential each of these things has to offer.



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